Exfoliation Products

Skin care is important for both men and women and exfoliation is an important aspect of skin care. Choose your products with care. You can always find natural ingredients that can make great exfoliating options which will also be less harmful. If you want quicker results without much effort, you may use chemical options but ensure that these are brought from a reputable source. In this section you'll find useful information and tips on a wide range of exfoliation products, plus recommendations for both men and women since of course men and women's skin is different.

The three main types of exfoliation products are exfoliating cleansers, exfoliants, and exfoliating masks. All three of these products help to clear out the pores and remove dead cells from the skin. They all do this in slightly different ways and to varying degrees.

Regardless of whether you use an exfoliating scrub or just a facial cleanser, you'll need to help loosen that dead skin. One option is a tightly woven nylon mesh, which will remove more dead skin from your face than a sponge. A loofah is another exfoliating option, This is too abrasive for your face but it can be used to scrub the skin of the rest of the body. Exfoliating gloves are another option with abrasive qualities. For a gentle exfoliating experience, there are micro-exfoliating cloths, which are made from fibres 100 times thinner than a human hair. There's also the electric face brush, a tool that's similar to an electric toothbrush altough you don't have to buy special equipment - even every day household items like a towel can help loosen dead skin.

Exfoliation Cleansers

Exfoliating cleansers are typically the least harsh of the exfoliation products. This is simply a facial cleanser with an exfoliant mixed in. An exfoliant is a rough substance such as salt, or a product of similar hardness and grain size, that helps to remove dead skin cells and clear the pores when it is applied to the skin. The intensity of the exfoliation will depend on the ratio of exfoliant to cleanser.


An exfoliant is an exfoliation product that is primarily made up of exfoliant with very little cleanser or other similar substance mixed with it. While an exfoliating cleanser can offer some mild exfoliation and can be used every day, an exfoliant is much more abrasive and should only be used weekly or even less frequently, depending on the sensitivity of your skin. "Skin buff" and "skin glow" are names that are commonly used for exfoliation products that are made up primarily of exfoliant.

Exfoliating Masks

Facial masks, mud masks, facial scrubs and cleansing lotions are some of the best exfoliating products for the face. Facial masks are quite useful if you have acne or blackheads. Most products contain some combination of granulated pumice, sea salts, fruit seeds, salicylic acid, alpha hydroxy acid, and beta hydroxy acid, all of which work toward removing dead skin cells.