Facial Scrubs

Scrubs are also a very effective product for exfoliating the face. A simple facial scrub can be prepared by mixing 2 teaspoons of sugar with a few drops of oil olive and making a paste-like mix. This can then be applied around the eyes. Rinse off with warm water. There are numerous ways of making an exfoliating scrub.You can replicate the type of scrubs used within spas with your own ingredients at home.One variety of scrub is a tropical exfoliating scrub, use tropical ingredients such as sugar, shredded coconut, the oils of mango or tangerine, guavas and papayas. Another is a chocolate scrub. For this try using ingredients such as cocoa powder, grated chocolate and coffee. Don't use an excess of coffee however, as caffeine can get absorbed into the skin. Other exfoliating scrubs can include herbs such as lavender or equally refreshing ingredients like salt and essential oils of lime and mint.